Dental Services

Dental Services

We offer routine dental services, cosmetic services, dental hygiene treatments and emergency cover.


We have selected a few treatments which we have detailed for your information.


There are many more treatment options and specialist referral services which we are happy to discuss with our patients.

Cosmetic Treatment

Dentistry has evolved! Materials and techniques are now so advanced that we are able to create the smile you have always wanted, often involving little treatment.

Treatments can involve tooth whitening, white fillings, crowns, bridges and tooth straightening procedures such as Inman Aligner and Quick Straight Teeth.


What is a Crown?

A crown is a custom lab made restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth making it strong, improving appearance and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. A crown is sometimes known as a 'cap'.


What is a Post Crown?

This is used when very little tooth structure remains but where there is a root still present. This root must have been root treated (nerve removed). A post can be put into the root and then used to support a crown.


Bridges can be used to fill gaps where teeth are missing. The remaining teeth on one or either side of the space are used to cement a false tooth, therefore cannot be removed like dentures.

We offer a range of bridges differing in price, quality and technique. The option most suitable to each individual will be explained at your consultation.


Dentures are acrylic teeth fused to an acrylic or chrome cobalt plate and are used to replace missing teeth. They can involve a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full set of teeth.

There are various options using different materials and techniques which are reflected in the price. At your consultation you will be given the options available to suit your individual case.

Root Canal Treatments

In some cases the nerve or blood supply of a tooth can become infected through decay or injury and could eventually lead to an abscess. If this occurs root canal treatment will be advised.

This involves thoroughly cleaning the root canal system of the tooth in order to settle the infection.

Teeth Straightening Systems

if you are unhappy, embarrassed or self-conscious of your smile due to crooked teeth, one of the short term adult brace systems may be an option for you. This can also be a suitable treatment if previous orthodontic correction has relapsed over time.


Emma Inglis is trained in three different systems to provide the most appropriate brace type and the best result for you. We have the option of fixed braces and also have removable options depending on the degree of correction required. Treatment can be completed in a matter of months. Adult short term orthodontics is an ideal treatment to improve the appearance of the front teeth to create a natural and even smile without the need for invasive restorative dentistry.


Fillings no longer need to be silver or grey.
Advances in dental technology means that fillings can now be placed that look just like the tooth. We regularly replace old amalgams with new tooth coloured restorations.


This can give you the look that your teeth are unfilled.
These are very reasonably priced and cheaper than you might think


Invisalign is the world’s first clear, custom-made aligners used to adjust teeth for a beautiful smile.


The clear retainer is designed to reveal the smile that you deserve. It’s why millions of people have now transformed their lives with our removable, near-invisible aligners.


We now now offer Invisalign treatment, get in touch for more information.

Hygiene Services

One of the most important aspects of care in dentistry is provided by our hygienists and hygiene therapists. A clean mouth is the single most important factor in oral and dental disease, therefore we take pride in providing the best possible treatment and advice for our patients. We employ several hygienists and therapists who are all trained to give you a clean, healthy mouth. Good oral health is not only essential in preventing gum disease and dental decay but is now linked to the prevention of heart disease and other health issues.


Air Polishing


Air polishing helps restore the natural whiteness of your teeth by blasting stains with a solution of bi-carbonate of soda. It helps get rid of stains caused by coffee, red wine, smoking and all the other bad habits we love so much.


If you feel self conscious about your smile, Cfast could be the perfect option for you.


Cfast is a simple, discreet and affordable cosmetic treatment that allows us to gently move your teeth and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.


With Cfast we use either clear orthodontic brackets  with tooth coloured wires or clear aligners, depending on your preferences and dental needs.


By focussing on your front 6 teeth, this treatment option takes less time than conventional braces, meaning you could be only a couple of months away from your desired smile.


To find out more and book your consultation please get in touch.

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